How can the people in today’s Gospel get it so horribly wrong?  They recognise Jesus as a “glutton and a drunkard.”

Perhaps sometimes we try to “pigeon hole” God.  God, in His infinity, is far beyond anything we can imagine.  He wants us to find Him through faith.  He has given us all we need.  We have the treasure map.

We come to know God through His effects.  God is everywhere around us in His wonderful creation.  The world is simply a marvel.  God has synchronised the Whole Universe into a sweet harmonious melody.  The Psalms and other Old Testament Scriptures tell us that the wise man/woman is the one who fears God…. in other words, the one who is in awe of God – the one who recognises her/her total dependency on God, and marvels at God’s wonders.

We also encounter God in prophesies and miracles.  We find these to be terribly impressive, because we know they are beyond nature, and can only come from God.  In time we can doubt these too however.  Where were all those who witnessed Jesus’ miracles when he was on the cross?

There must therefore be an even deeper encounter with God.  One that truly makes us change our lives.  This is to be found when we encounter God’s love through another person.  It has a profound effect on us.  Think of the impact a Mother Theresa or St John Paul II has had on the world.  Today there are over 700 Mother Theresa Houses around the world, and nearly six thousand nuns. Her order remains the fastest growing in the Church.  The world Youth Day that St John Paul II instituted attracted 4.3 million young people to the closing mass in Rio last year.  The effects of love live on and last.

It’s up to us to bring the faith to others, through how we ourselves live our lives.  Our Christian acts of kindness, joy, and forgiveness, really do have the power to change the world.

May the Blessed Virgin Mary help us to be wise men and women, knowing our complete dependency on God, and help us to recognise His effects all around us, especially in those people we find most difficult.