Today’s Gospel shows the apostles proclaiming the Good News.  Did you know that the word Gospel means Good News?

The question we can ask ourselves today, and in fact every day, is whether we believe the Gospel to really be Good News……news that the world needs to hear, and also to witness in action?

The Good News is that God has sent His only Son amongst us to redeem us, to set us free, and to show us God’s great love for us.

The Good News is that God is near to us, and that He wants us to call Him Father.

The Good News is that God is slow to anger and abounding in mercy.

The Good News is that Jesus has risen from the dead and we too will rise to Eternal Life with Him.

The Good News is that our tribulations and challenges do not have the final word.

Like the apostles in today’s Gospel, Jesus calls on us to spread this Good News.  We spread the Good News by how we ourselves give witness, or by how we live our life.  We show we believe in the Good News by our deeds and acts.

St Francis put it beautifully when he said to his brother friars that they were to go out and preach the Gospel, or Good News, and to only use words where necessary.

May the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is our model in living out the Gospel, help us to believe in the Good News, especially during life’s more challenging moments, and to spread the Good News by how we ourselves live our lives.  AMEN