In yesterday’s Gospel, Jesus tells us that those who are closest to Him do 2 things:

Firstly, they hear His word through the Scriptures, and secondly they put what they hear into practice.

Catholics are often known for not being great at reading the scriptures.  How many of us read the Bible especially the New Testament?  How many of us read the daily mass readings at home before coming to mass, or how many of us take home the newsletter on a Sunday to reflect further on God’s word?

Jesus today is asking us to not only read or listen, but to “hear” His word.  We can do this by reading the scriptures and then having a few moment’s silence afterwards.  We then let the scriptures breathe and allow God to speak to us.

Sometimes we can be worried that we don’t understand the scriptures.  However…we don’t necessarily have to understand the whole passage. A sentence or even just ONE word can speak to us.  This is why scripture is not like any other text – scripture is God’s word and it is alive and active, for all people of all ages.

After we have heard what the Lord is saying to us in scripture, Jesus today asks us to put it into practice, which is to live out our Christian vocation of love.  This requires courage.

Saint St Pio, certainly put the Word of God into practice.  This is why he is a saint, not because of his stigmata, gifts of bilocation etc., but because he heard the word of God, and put it into practice through his love.

May the Blessed Virgin Mary help us to hear God’s word, and to put it into practice. AMEN