Today Jesus speaks to those who are following Him looking for wonders and signs.  Jesus indicates that they are not happy with who they see in front of them.

There is no doubt that miracles fascinate us.  They take us out of the current reality and into the supernatural, as only God can perform miracles.  Miracles however do not help us to believe.  We see this time and time again in the Bible.

One occasion that springs to mind is when God frees the Jewish people in Egypt, after 400 years of slavery.  They have seen God part the Red Sea, and perform many miracles, but when they enter the desert and encounter some hardships, they want to turn away from God.  The miracles don’t sustain them in faith.  Jesus performs miracles as confirmations to those who already believe, not to convert!

Each time we come to mass we experience a miracle at the consecration.  Bread and Wine becomes the body and blood of Jesus.  Jesus challenges us today to see this for what it really is.  Surely there is no greater miracle.

We are also fascinated in a similar way with prophecies.  We know the future is beyond us so when God indicates a future happening through a chosen vessel, it excites us.  However just like miracles, prophesies don’t make us convert and change our lives.

The greatest manifestation of God which we experience, and which does cause us to convert and change our lives, is through another person.  When we see someone fully living their Christian Vocation of love, and making decisions and sacrifices in their life because of their belief in Christ, this has a profound effect on us.

This is why the world needs saints in our midst, as they point the way to God, in a more concrete and easier to understand manner.  They show us the Gospel in action.

May the Blessed Virgin Mary help to bring God to others by how we choose to live our lives.