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Jesus today tells us that discipleship can cost us.

We are on a journey to Eternal Life but it may sometimes get stormy along the way.  All we need to do is stay on course.

Jesus wants us to be aware of this from the outset.  He tells us that in order to prepare to be His disciples, or if you like to lay the foundations for our tower, or to prepare properly for battle, that it’s essential we know first and foremost that being Jesus’ disciple means we will sometimes encounter the cross.

I have often thought that if I were to devise a marketing strategy to get people to follow me or be my disciples that the last thing I would say is that it may cost you sometimes.  I would be afraid that nobody would sign up.

This is where Jesus is different to anyone there has ever been.  His ways are not our ways.  Jesus doesn’t promise the treasures of this world, success, popularity, lower taxation, but He does promise Eternal Life.  He promises Eternal joy, peace and happiness…..He promises paradise.

Jesus tells us there may be a few potholes along the way, maybe a few bumps, scrapes and the odd bruise, but He assures us that He has prepared a place for us.  He tells us that in His Father’s House there are many rooms.  He encourages us to trust that we will be repaid many times over for what we give up both in this life and the next.  Anything we give to Him will be multiplied a hundred fold and more.

It’s worth noting that nobody or no marketing strategy, in trying to recruit followers, has ever come up with the promise of Eternal Life.

May the Blessed Virgin Mary help us to see beyond the cross into the wondrous light.