By Fr Robert Barron (
The Magi are great Advent figures because they spend their time surveying the night sky. We don’t know exactly who they were, but we know there was a tradition of stargazing in certain lands east of the Holy Land.

The Magi were what we would call both astrologers and astronomers. They were looking patiently for signs of God’s purpose. We might think the way they’re looking is funny, by searching for signs in the sky, but, nevertheless, they were looking, in a very patient and intentional way. That makes them Advent figures.

How many of us have become indifferent to the signs of God? How many of us stop wondering what God is up to? How much time do we spend searching out those questions? Prayer is the response to such questions, for that’s what prayer involves: seeking the purpose and intentions of God.

By searching for signs of God, the Magi are captivating Advent figures.