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Lent is a time during which we should look forward to the celebrations of Holy Week, that is, to the joy of Easter: the triumph of Christ the Lord over sin and death. This triumph is the source of our Christian hope.
But there is something else that we look forward to also, and during Lent we turn our attention to this in a particular way: we look forward to heaven, to the time when we will be totally and wholly with God.
If we are turning to God this Lent, our resolutions should be of a positive nature, so that we can turn away from what separates us from God. 
One of the most dangerous things that can separate us from God is pride. I am not doing that, I want to be the centre of everything, I want it done my way. Another thing that separates us from God, which you may find surprising, is grumbling. There is nothing more corrosive, nothing more unsettling than grumbling.

Lord, turn our hearts and minds away from ourselves, and turn them totally towards you.      (Cardinal Basil Hume)