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A pope whose most famous soundbite is “Who am I to judge?” was at it again on Saturday, insisting that the mission of Christianity isn’t to “eternally condemn” anyone, but rather to offer God’s mercy to “every person who asks for it with an honest heart.”

That mercy, he said, will often seem unfair to people excessively focused on rules.

“Christian morality isn’t a titanic, voluntary, solitary effort against the world,” the pope said. “Christian morality is the answer given by a surprising mercy, unpredictable, [and] considered ‘unjust’ by human criteria.”

Francis said that message of mercy is especially directed to those who are alienated or distant from the faith.

“The way of the Church is to leave the building in search of those who are far away,” the pontiff said, repeating a point he made to 20 new cardinals installed last month.