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Here are some ways to deepen your spiritual journey, as well as help spread the faith:

1. Pray “without ceasing” as it is written in the Gospel, every day by yourself or with others.

2. Go to confession, no matter how long it has been.

3. Receive the Eucharist regularly to nourish your soul.

4. Volunteer to become a reader at mass or an extraordinary minister of holy communion.

5.  Spend time in front of Jesus in Eucharistic Adoration.

6. Motivate your children to become altar servers.

7. Encourage any faithful person you know without a vocation to consider the religious life.

8. Immerse yourself in the Catholic faith by participating in a Catholic bible study, retreat or one of Fr. Robert Barron’s Catholicism series.

9. Read books such as Matthew Kelly’s Rediscover Catholicism andThe Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic or pick up a Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), which will help you understand the Catholic faith in great detail and provide you with a practical guide for true transformation.

10. Volunteer to become a catechist and gain a richer understanding of the faith right along with your students.

11. Join one or more of the Church’s numerous ministries that serve the poor, sick and helpless.

12. Learn how to forgive. If you want the Lord to forgive your sins, which all of us are guilty of just by getting out of bed each day, then it’s essential to forgive others.

Did you know that to receive Holy Communion when you have not wholeheartedly forgiven just one person is a sin and needs to be confessed? This is only one example of really understanding and knowing the faith. Another would be the fact that missing Mass on Sunday without a valid reason (you’ll find this in the CCC) and Holy Days of Obligation is a mortal sin.

Since only about 24 percent of Catholics attend Mass on any given Sunday, it’s probably safe to assume they do not understand the gravity of not doing so or worse—they don’t really care. Add to that the fact that not every Catholic believes in the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, and it’s plain to see that some understanding of the faith is less than elementary at best. How can this be?

It’s past the time to really commit to the faith, accept the grace God has made available to each one of us, and experience the fullness and rewards of Catholicism. It’s time to overcome bitterness, anger and disillusionment, to reconnect with the Church and as a result receive the abundant blessings bestowed on faithful, practicing Catholics.

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