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Philosophical comments

The Pope made the light-hearted remarks in an interview with the Buenos Aires favela (shanty town) tabloid, La Carcova News, in which inhabitants of Villa La Carcova came up with the questions together.

The Pope said that if fanatics wanted to kill him, it is “God’s will.” He said: “Life is in God’s hands. I have said to the Lord, ‘You take care of me. But if it is your will that I die or something happens to me, I ask you only one favour: that it doesn’t hurt. Because I am a real wimp when it comes to physical pain’.”

The parish priest of the extremely poor area is José Maria Di Paola or Fr Pepe, described as “the spiritual son of Francis.”

For months, there have been threats against Pope Francis by the Islamic State terrorists, who call him the “bearer of false truth.”

In January, an assassination plot to kill Francis by detonating a bomb in Manila was reportedly thwarted by the Philippines military, although this was denied by the Vatican.

With thanks to cathnews.com