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Recalling that Jesus revealed the mystery of the Trinity and commanded the Church to baptize in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Pope Francis said during his Trinity Sunday Angelus address that “the Trinity is the communion of Divine Persons who are with one another, for one another, in one another.”

Trinity Sunday “renews in us the mission of living in communion with God and to live in communion among ourselves on the model of that communion of God,” the Pope said to the crowds gathered in St. Peter’s Square.

“We are called to live not without each other, over or against the other, but with one another, and in one another,” he continued. “This means to receive and accordingly give witness to the beauty of the Gospel; to live in love mutually and towards all, sharing in joy and sufferings, learning to ask and to grant forgiveness, valuing the various charisms under the guidance of the pastors.”

Pope Francis also emphasized that the Holy Trinity “is also the ultimate goal toward which our earthly pilgrimage is geared. The path of Christian life is in fact a path that is essentially ‘Trinitarian’ … We must remind ourselves every time we make the sign of the cross.”

The Pontiff concluded the address, which took place on the last day of the Marian month of May, with an act of entrustment to Mary, who “more than any other creature has known, adored, and loved the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity.”  Www.catholicculture.org