“This proves that faith and attachment to wealth cannot go hand in hand.”

Becoming attached to material wealth may be alluring, said the Pope. But eventually it leads to one’s downfall.



“Money, pleasure, success. They seduce. But eventually they disappoint. They promise life, but they lead to death.”

For even Jesus said, those who follow me and set aside their material wealth, will have Eternal life. The Pope said, this is based on a basic Christian teaching. He then followed by posing a question to the youth.



“It’s the joy of giving. Because, Jesus would often say, there’s more joy in giving than in receiving.” FLASH. “What do you say to Jesus? Do you prefer to leave this square with the joy that Jesus gives us or the sadness caused by worldliness?”

The Pope then prayed for victims who lost their lives in Turkey over the weekend, during a march for peace in Ankara. The deadly blasts killed nearly 100 people and wounded more than 250. The Pope called on everyone in St. Peter’s Square to pray for the victims in silence.

Towards the end of the Anglus, as usual, the Pope once again, asked everyone for prayers.


“Please…please don’t forget to pray for me. Have a good lunch and arrivederci!”