Despite the murder and mayhem we insist that the love of Christ is stronger. Barbarism has been defeated by Christianity many times in the past, but Christianity has not defeated barbarism through violence, but through the gradual, painstaking heroism of mission.

Think of St Francis who wanted to meet the Sultan and share the faith with him in enthusiasm and love. Think of the early Christians who countered the barbaric tribes of Europe by their example of community, civilization and true Christian love.

Think of the countless missionaries who went into barbaric lands and faced death, torture and incredible hardships to live with the enemy and simply radiate from their lives a different way of living. Think of the martyrs who were slain by the barbarians–who were then converted by their innocence, their courage and their noble faith.

This is the Christian response, for each one of us to live faithfully and courageously as little Christs–showing the power and the glory of courageous Christianity which can overcome all evil.

By Fr Dwight Longnecker – http://www.patheos.com/